Language Exchange International

Never feel alone in a foreign city. We've the solution!

Meet new people in another country and share your language ​and cultures while improving a new foreign language, practicing effectively and having fun! Find now your "Native Foreign Language Partner" and being better than never in you learning language, share your knowledge and make easily your best friend!

Learning a foreign language is essential today, but the best thing is to learn faster, more efficiently and have fun!

We have created the only method that really works! The language courses are good only for grammar and writing. You will never really improve your interactivity and talk with that. In addition, the language schools are often very, very (too) expensive.

Create new relationship in foreign cities and learn the local language while sharing yours

Make new friends when you're abroad while learning. Share your mother tongue in a coffee shop, park, restaurant or bar and talk for an hour in the language X and after an hour in the language Y, then you can go shopping and discover you. Enjoy it!

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